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The Most Used Knife in the Kitchen

Today we are highlighting what is probably the most used knife in the kitchen. The paring knife. It is the perfect knife for peeling fruits and vegetables, slicing strawberries, kiwis, or shallots, coring tomatoes, or quartering apples. Just a reminder though, it isn't the knife for cutting hard vegetables like carrots or parsnips. While the paring knife is great for softer fruits and vegetables, it doesn't have enough weight to easily cut through harder vegetables which forces you to use more pressure to make the cut. If you find yourself using too much pressure to cut a food item then you are probably using the wrong knife or a dull one, both of which can be dangerous.

The Rada Cutlery Regular Paring Knife has a 3.25-inch high-carbon stainless steel blade,hand-sharpened to a razor sharp edge. The hollow-ground blades ensure a precision concave surface for easy sharpening, and a finger guard helps ensure safety when cutting. The paring knife comes in either the silver brushed aluminum handle or the black stainless steel resin handle for better dishwasher tolerance.The Regular Paring knife is Rada Cutlery’s all-time best-selling knife and is beloved by cooks all across America.

We'd love to hear from you. Comment below with questions or share your tips for kitchen essentials. What is your favorite Rada Cutlery product? What makes your culinary life easier?

Enjoy your kitchen! The Rada Knife Store


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  • Mary Turner on

    I own at least a dozen of these knives and I wouldn’t use anything else. Great knives for a great price.

  • Staci Williams on

    I love Rada knives and have been using them for close to 20 years. I highly recommend them, I buy them and give them as gifts. Everyone I have given a Rada knife has been pleased and has added to their collection. They are the best knives ever!!!!

  • juana on

    I tried my friends knives, now i have to get my own!!

  • Marilyn PAcynski on

    I have been using Rada knives for more than ten years. I fell in love with them at the very first cut. I am really thrilled with the new rounded black handles, because I love to cook, but not do dishes.
    The black handled knives stay beautiful even using a dishwasher. They feel very secure in my hand,
    so I never worry about accidents.
    My very favorite knife is the Granny knife. Others think I am going to cut myself, but I have been peeling
    this way for over 50 years. The new black handles keep it secure in my hand, and this chore becomes a
    pleasure. Thank you Rada!

  • Julie on

    I happened upon my first rada knife while on vacation in a little shop in the upper peninsula of Michigan!
    The shop owner told me she guaranteed that if I purchased this knife I would be back for more….
    And she was soooo right!! I am absolutely crazy about my rada knives. I love to cook, and my rada knives add to the enjoyment of preparing food. Thank you for a wonderful product!!!

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