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A Knife Is A Knife

A knife is a knife, right? Wrong! Well, technically a knife is a knife, but all knives aren't created equally. Just as there are differences in almost everything, there are differences in knives. Some are short and stubby, some are long and skinny, some are heavy, and some are light, but all are useful in their place if they are of good quality and sharp.

As we mentioned in the blog "What is the most essential kitchen tool," the knife is the most essential tool in your kitchen. However, using the wrong knife for the wrong cutting task is not only dangerous but can cause unnecessary mess and damage to the food product. As Pilar Guzman said, "Chopping a carrot with a paring knife instead of a chef's knife is about as effective as mopping a dirty floor with plain water: It can take four times as long and double the elbow grease." So choosing the right knife for your culinary endeavors will be more safe and even enhance the textures of your food. In the upcoming blogs we will take a look at Rada Cutlery Knives and their specific uses and purposes.

We'd love to hear from you. Comment below with questions or share your tips for kitchen essentials. What is your favorite Rada Cutlery product? What makes your culinary life easier?

Enjoy your kitchen, not just endure it. Happy cooking from The Rada Knife Store!

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