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Rada Cutlery Utensils are the Best!

One recent customer had this to say about a Rada Cutlery Utensil; I love anything RADA. So naturally when I was in need of a Cake Server I googled RADA found exactly what I wanted & ordered it. I am completely satisfied. 

Many people know about Rada Cutlery's wonderfully sharp knives but there are still many who have never tried Rada Cutlery's Utensils. Like their knives, Rada Cutlery Utensils are 100% made in the USA and range from spatulas to handi-stirs to pizza cutters to serrated pie servers and many more. The utensils come in either the Silver Aluminum Handle (not recommend for the dishwasher) or the Black Stainless Steel Resin Handle (more dishwasher tolerate) and just like their knives you can count on Rada Cutlery's excellent quality and their lifetime guarantee. You may also purchase Rada Cutlery Utensil Gift Sets featuring their more popular utensils. 

Rada Cutlery also has four new Non-Scratch Cooking Utensils that are safe for non-stick pans. They include: the Non-Scratch Soup Ladle, the Non-Scratch Spatula, the Non-scratch Spoon and the Non-Scratch Spoon with Holes.

Visit The Rada Knife Store and browse the Rada Cutlery Kitchen Utensils We would love the chance to introduce you to the best "Made in the USA" (or anywhere for that matter) Kitchen Utensils your dollar can buy.

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