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Rada Cutlery Vegetable Peeler - The Perfect Peeler!

The Rada Cutlery Vegetable Peeler is one of Rada Cutlery's most popular and celebrated products. Cook's all over America have found this peeler to be one of their most used kitchen knives, as it makes for easy peeling of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

It's perfect for peeling potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and it's just as useful for peeling fruits such as apples or peaches. It works equally well for making chocolate or butter curls for that perfect garnish.

The Rada Cutlery Vegetable Peeler is designed with a stainless steel, dual-edged, surgical-quality, high-carbon blade that swivels, so that it works equally well when used by right or left-handed cooks, and whether the peeling motion takes the peeler away from or towards you. This invaluable tool is absolutely the best vegetable peeler you can find. 

It comes in either the Standard or Deluxe models, both with either the classic Silver Aluminum Handle or the more dishwasher tolerate Black Stainless Steel Resin Handle. Those with larger hands may prefer the deluxe model because of the bigger handle and blade. Like all Rada Cutlery products The Vegetable Peeler is 100% Made in America and carries a lifetime guarantee.

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