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Rada Cutlery Granny Paring Knife - The Perfect Parer!

Some have called this little paring knife "The Perfect Paring Knife." Sometimes called a bird's beak paring knife; this little knife is ideally shaped to peel any smaller rounded fruit or vegetable. Cutting avocados, apples and pears or slicing strawberries, kiwi and bananas is a breeze. It's also perfect for intricate cutting, like radish roses, fluting mushrooms or creating beautiful vegetable garnishes.

The key to this small knife’s unparalleled level of precision is in the 2⅜-inch blade. Made from surgical-quality high-carbon stainless steel, that features a reverse-curved shape that makes cutting and slicing whether in a motion towards or away from you, a snap. 

The Rada Cutlery Granny Paring Knife comes in either the Classic R100 Silver Brushed Aluminum Handle or the more dishwasher tolerant W200 Black Stainless Steel Resin Handle.   The Granny Paring Knife is 100% Made in the USA and carries a lifetime manufacturers guarantee.

This knife is an ideal addition to the knife collection in your restaurant, catering business or your kitchen at home!

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