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Better Than A Whisk!

Today we are featuring the Rada Cutlery Handi Stir. This unique whisk has quickly become the go to whisk in my kitchen. It is simply far more effective than the traditional wire loop style whisk. The Rada Cutlery Handi Stir is specially designed to get the most efficient mixing results by getting into the corners and bottoms of pans for maximum mixing contact, ensuring that your recipes are blended as well as possible and the stiff rod attached to a handle gives you more whisking power for faster mixing. One of our customers said: "Best whisk ever. I couldn't make gravy without this little tool. It de-glazes the pan so well and gets all the flavor into your sauce without scratching your pan, couldn't live with out it." Its perfect for mixing batters, gelatin, gravies, sauces, and much more. Whatever recipe might require mixing, the Handi-Stir makes the job as easy as possible.

The Rada Cutlery Handi Stir comes in either the Classic R117 Brushed Aluminum Handle or the more dishwasher tolerant W217 Stainless Steel Resin Handle  and like all of the great Rada Cutlery products, its 100% Made in the USA and carries a lifetime manufacturers guarantee.

The Handi Stir is an ideal addition to the utensils in your restaurant, catering business or your kitchen at home!

We'd love to hear from you. Comment below with questions or share your tips for kitchen essentials. What is your favorite Rada Cutlery product? What makes your culinary life easier?

Enjoy your kitchen! Best Knife USA







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