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Rada Cutlery Cook's Utility Knife - A Favorite!

Today we are featuring one of the lesser known of the Rada Cutlery Knives, the Cook's Utility Knife. The Cook’s Utility knife is the younger sister of the popular Rada Cutlery Cook's Knife. Smaller in size, the Cook's Utility knife is perfect for those with smaller hands or those who want a very maneuverable yet powerful cutting knife.  The 4 ¾-inch blade gives you a medium-sized knife that maneuvers so well, that it cuts, slices, and dices with the efficiency and grace of a paring knife while offering the versatility of a larger one.

One of our customers said "These knives are best I have ever used, perfect handle size"

The Rada Cutlery Cook's Utility Knife comes in the traditional Silver brushed aluminum handle R140 or the more dishwasher tolerant Black stainless steel resin handle W240. The blade length is 4 ¾", and the knife length overall is 8 ⅝" After trying the Cook's Utility knife, many have said it has become their favorite knife in the kitchen.

The Rada Cutlery Cook's Utility Knife is 100% Made in the USA and carries a lifetime manufacturers guarantee.

This knife would be an ideal addition to the knife collection in your restaurant, catering business or your kitchen at home!

We'd love to hear from you. Comment below or share your tips for kitchen essentials. What is your favorite Rada Cutlery product? What makes your culinary life easier?

Enjoy your kitchen! Best Knife USA

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  • BettyMeggs on

    Used these knifes forty to fifty years.No other knifes can hold up like these,or do the job so well.Lost one freezing corn 40 years ago and found it last year ,just buffed handle and works like new.

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